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New York City's premier technology, start-up and venture capital conference hosted by Columbia Business School

Returning in-person, February 17, 2023

A changing nation

A globe under threat

Theme: ADAPT

Technology spent the past decade as a disruptor. Now, the world - its financial markets, public health, and regulatory and geopolitical environment - is changing all its own. How can technology help us to adapt to these changes in the next decade? 

When the party's over

How are leaders adapting to and capitalizing on an unstable economy characterized by high interest rates, layoffs, and market meltdowns?

How can technology help us adapt to sweeping policy and geopolitical changes, like new investments, privacy concerns, and changing rights (Roe v. Wade)? 

What nascent technologies will allow us to survive the challenges - new and old - that our globe has and will continue to face?

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